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神戸大学大学院医学研究科 外科系講座 整形外科  教授 黒田 良祐

From Chairman & Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Ryosuke Kuroda

Orthopaedic surgery is to treat patients at any age who suffer from bone, joint, spine, nerve and muscle lesions, what we call musculoskeletal disorders. We take care of various part of human body (from neck to toe) with variety of conditions such as degenerative diseases, trauma, sports injuries and life threating malignant tumors. Kobe University Orthopaedic Department has 60 years history since 1954, and we have more than five hundred orthopaedic surgeons in our alumni. Our department is specialized in arthroscopic surgery, navigation system assisted arthroplasty, joint preserving osteotomy, non-union fracture treatment, resection of malignant tumor to save limbs, spine surgery using instruments and microsurgery, to say nothing of non-surgical treatment.
Sports medicine is one of the most important field in Kobe University Orthopaedic Department. We support junior athletes as well as top athletes from all over the country. Kobe University Hospital was certified as the very first FIFA medical center of excellence in western Japan in 2015. We also support local professional sports teams; Orix Buffalos (Baseball), Vissel Kobe (Soccer), INAC Kobe (Woman's Soccer), Kobelco Steelers (Rugby), JT Marvelous and Hisamitsu Springs (Volleyball).